SSWV LogosmallerSSWV (Sisters Supporting Women Veterans) is an initiative of the Dept. of Ohio, ASUVCW.  With the greatly increasing percentage of women veterans and women in the Armed Forces, the Dept of Ohio is choosing to focus our energies and resources on support of women veterans.

Our Mission

We will work in support of the Veterans Administration to provide personal care items, support, compassion, and help to meet the specialized needs of the women veterans cared for at and by the Veterans Administration facilities. We will strive to provide support and help that is beyond the ability of the VA.

Core Values

Honor – Women veterans sacrificed for all of us and defended our nation.  They deserve to be honored in return by being given the chance to live a productive, fulfilling life during active duty as well as after completing their service.

Dignity – Women veterans should be proud of what they have done, yet so many don’t have a sense of their own self-worth.  We will strive to provide personal care items in order to help restore their dignity

Compassion – Our efforts must be grounded in compassion.  We may not fully understand what the individual is going through, but we will listen actively, comprehend through wisdom, be guiding in love, and empathize with great care.

Our Vision

SSWV will provide a beacon of hope to women veterans in crisis, and through our support at the Veterans Center, these women and their families will have their dignity restored, and will be empowered to take positive steps to move forward in their lives.